Pek Hock Thiam

06 Oct 1941 - 05 May 2018

Place of Birth


Passed away at


Leaving Behind

Spouse: Tan Chwee Choon Children: Pek Dickson Pek Winnie

Daughter in law: Michelle Lee
Son in law:
Derrick Wong

Grandchildren: Wong Hong Yao Wong Hong Yi


From Ho Sum Kwong:
May I offer my eulogy for Mr. Pek Hock Thiam.
Friends & Relatives,
We bid farewell to a wonderful and intelligent man.
He’s a loving husband, caring father, capable boss, sociable colleague and a very mischievous mahjong player.
He served our country well having worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Communications, as CEO of Singapore Tourism Board and Director General of Sentosa Development Corporation.
Those who know him appreciated his wits and wide spectrum of knowledge being able to entertain us on every subject in discussion.
He enjoyed stocks and shares and proud that he is able to ride the tumultuous times.
Mr. Pek is very fond of my late son Jamie Ho and spoke about him at his funeral. He related a funny incident in the hotel at Aspen when we were there together promoting Singapore food which really tingled us. Now both of them can share more moments together.
Another string that binds our friendship is he asked to have one of the 4 puppies gave birth by my husky/bull mastiff.
He called him WIN hoping that will always happen when he plays Mahjong.
Mr. Pek has left us as God says his time is up and no more earthly sufferings and pain for him.
We will meet him one day n I’ll enjoy playing Mahjong n listen to his jokes n advice.
Farewell Sir

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