Board of Directors

Robin Pho

In 2010, together with 5 Singaporeans and 1 French National, Mr. Pho embarked on a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) trip to Ladakh, India to provide relief aid to landslide and flood victims. Details of the relief mission can be found here . Click here for photos.

During Mr. Pho’s corporate days in ABN AMRO Private Banking and UBS, he was actively involved as an organising committee member for the banks’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. These included: volunteering and organising financial planning workshops for single moms, educating teenage kids on basic money management skills, and organised a local “amazing race” together with Student Care Services (SCS). His active involvement was duly recognised when ABN AMRO won the Employer CSR award from NVPC in 2006.

Mr. Pho is one of the pioneers of Singapore Management University (SMU). Aside from being involved in many of NVPC’s volunteer activities, in 2000, he participated in the inaugural 24 hour volunteer event. Volunteers had different activities to attend to for 24 straight hours without rest.

Robin Pho has been active in the Volunteerism and Philanthropy industry for over a decade. He is currently the marketing & business development director of Ponco which is a company that specializes in manpower services to the Oil & Gas Industry in Asia.

He was also part of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Youth Expedition Project pioneer team that performed scientific marine research for 3 weeks while living in a rural fishing village. The results of the research led to the commissioning of marine parks in Sabah Malaysia in order to protect the marine life for future generations to enjoy.

Mr. Pho was in partnership with the Rotaract Club while he was in boarding school in Sydney, Australia.  He led activities that grew thousands of tree saplings and conducted reforestation activities for Australian forests.

Robin Pho is a director and founder of Singapore Obituaries, and he strongly believes that human beings can continue to give back to society with his platform.